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Flavor Shake®︎ Web Reservation

How to Reservation

You can make a reservation online from 14 days to the day before your desired visit date (e.g. 6/15 visit request → 6/1 to 6/14 reservation available)
Reservation slots open at 00:00 every day
●: Reservations available ▲: Few remaining ×、Red letters: No reservations available

① Select the desired date and time
②Please fill out the reservation form and send it.
③ When you receive a reservation confirmation email (automatic delivery), your reservation is complete.

Guidance and request

At THE FLAVOR DESIGN®︎ Osaka Main Store, in order to alleviate congestion in the store, we will separate it from the nearest sister store “Mover & Shake“. We are operating.
Depending on the store situation at the time of your visit, we may guide you to “Mover & Shake” if you have made a reservation. There is a nature. Thank you for your understanding.
Also, please be assured that there is no change in the production content of Flavor Shake®︎.
It takes 1-2 minutes on foot to move. Thank you for your cooperation.


Request for email reception settings

There are cases where automatic delivery emails do not arrive.
Please check your device settings to see if you can receive emails from @theflavordesign.com
・Restrictions on e-mails with URLs
・E-mail restrictions from PCs
・Spoofing regulation
If you have any of the above restrictions, please cancel them.
・Please set the address specified reception and domain specified reception so that you can receive @theflavordesign.com

*For mobile phones and smartphones, the above restrictions may be set in the initial settings at the time of purchase.
*For information on how to set up various devices, please check the information provided by each manufacturer.

If your desired date and time is full

○ Separate from the online reservation, we have a reservation frame for the day
○ Reservations will be accepted at the store from 11:00 on the day of opening, in order of arrival.
○ We will inform you about the time you can make a reservation at the reception. *Reservations cannot be made by phone.
*We may not be able to produce if the seats are full at the time of your visit.
*Please refrain from contacting us as we cannot tell you in advance what time we will be available on that day.

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