About the online store

We are unable to ship products outside of Japan.
It can be purchased online only in Japan.

For users within Japan, please see below.

Flavor Shake®︎ (Made to Order) Online Shopping

Flavor Shake®︎ can be purchased online when you want to repeat the exact same scent that you created in-store.
For more information, please refer to “I would like to purchase the same scent as the one produced by Flavor Shake®︎” in the FAQ.

Fragrance Shake®︎ (standard product) Online Shopping

Standard products can be purchased by Online Shopping below.
Choose from the types of “Fragrance Shake®︎”
Choose from the scents of “Fragrance Shake®︎”

Alternatively, you can purchase from the external site THE FLAVOR DESIGN®︎ OFFICIAL WEB STORE.
*The cart function of the external site mentioned above is linked with this site. Although the counter is different, there is no difference as the final purchase location will be the same.

We also sell original products that can be used in your lifestyle.
Please take a look.

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