How do you choose a scent?

I don’t know how to choose a fragrance, I’m worried that it will smell strange
Fragrance preferences are very subjective, so there is no set way to choose one.
Whether you are a first-time user of perfumes or a frequent user of fragrances, please choose the one you like based on your intuition, senses, and sensibilities.
If you choose your favorite scent, please rest assured that there will be no strange scent.
Let’s have fun creating while consulting with the staff.

I have a wide range of favorite scents and can’t decide
If you are the type of person who doesn’t like or dislike scents and can enjoy a variety of scents, this may be a problem.
If there are too many and you can’t narrow it down,
・Scenes where scent is used (for work, bedroom, etc.)
・Seasonal sense
・Is the emphasis on freshness or sweetness?
It will be easier to choose if you imagine a rough frame such as.
If you smell it over and over again, your sense of smell will get tired, so when in doubt, take a break and choose based on the scent and image that you thought was good at first.

Tester didn’t have a favorite scent
We are very sorry that we did not meet your expectations.
As it is a made-to-order product, we cannot accept cancellations after “Flavor Shake®︎” has started, so if by any chance you do not find the scent you like, please let us know of your cancellation before “Flavor Shake®︎” starts.
The scent of the tester changes depending on the season, so please come again if you have a chance.

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