If I start production with “Flavor Shake®︎” but don’t get the scent I like, do I not need to purchase it?

“Flavor Shake®︎” is an order for one customer, so production has begun. Cancellations cannot be made later.
Customers can choose their favorite scents from 2 to 3 testers out of about 20 types.
We will check the scent several times while changing the combination of the selected scent, and proceed with production.
Our staff will assist you in creating the product while listening to your preferences to achieve the balance you desire.
Since we manufacture products according to customer requests, we cannot accept requests to refuse purchase after production has begun.
If you are not sure which scent is best when choosing a scent, please feel free to ask our staff.
For more information on the points to consider when choosing a fragrance, please refer to “How do you choose a fragrance?”.

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