The pump part is broken. Can I exchange it?

In case of initial failure within one week of purchase
We apologize for the inconvenience.
Please contact the store you are using by email/DM.
We will continue to improve the initial defects, so we apologize for any inconvenience.
*If you do not have a receipt, we will not be able to exchange it for free.
*If one week has passed since your purchase, we will not be able to provide a free exchange, so please be sure to contact us within one week.
*Free exchanges cannot be made at stores other than the store of purchase.

Please copy the text below and use it by email.
Subject: “Initial failure of pump part”
Body “Please enter the following information”
·Contact information:
・Receipt image: Please attach it to the email
・Pump color: gold, silver, black
・If exchanging at the store: Scheduled date and time of visit
*If you bring the product itself, our staff will replace it at the store.
*If you do not have the product, we will give you a new pump part, so please replace it yourself.
・If exchanging by mail (only within Japan): Please enter your postal code and address.
*We will send the new pump part to your specified address. Please wait for a while until it arrives.
*Please replace it yourself.

Please contact the store where you purchased the product.
Osaka store:
Tokyo store:
Fukuoka store:
Okinawa store:
Kobe store:
Kamakura store:
Kumamoto store:
Kyoto store:
Kinosaki store:

In cases other than initial defects
In case of defects, stains, or damage due to deterioration over time, it can be replaced for a fee.
You can purchase and replace the pump part for ¥330 (tax included).
*Receipt not required
*You can only purchase the pump part at locations other than the store where you purchased it.

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