I see a checkbox that says “I’m not a robot”, what is this?

After selecting your reservation time, enter your personal information at the end of the screen.
You may see a checkbox that says “I’m not a robot.”

This function is a security authentication function provided by Google, which increases the safety of the site from malicious and unauthorized login attempts, and automatically determines whether the site is a human or a robot using Google’s algorithm.
Please select the specified image using the method below, and if it is determined to be a human, you will be able to log in.

■ Authentication method
If you see this checkbox, check it to certify that your access is secure.
Image authentication may be required after checking the box.
In that case, follow the on-screen questions and select the appropriate image.
If the image is difficult to understand or you want to change the question, tap the update button at the bottom left and change the content.

■ Points to note

→The image you asked about may not have been selected.
The image may be incomplete (cut off or only partially visible) and cannot be recognized by the robot. It is difficult to understand unless you are a human, so please look carefully and select it if you see even a little bit of it.

→There are times when there is no actual subject of the question.
There are some questions that have no target object on purpose, so if there is no target object, please press the confirmation button without selecting it.

→If the question is difficult to understand, change the question.
It may be too small to see, or it may be too local to make a determination. In that case, press the switch button to switch the question.

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