• Flavor Shake®︎ Production Guide

Check This Out.

We will show you how to make a scent.

We recommend that you follow this guide when you visit us, so please be sure to read through to the end.

1 – After making a reservation
◯ Explore label name ideas
◯ Let’s see the color of the bottle and the color of the cap

2 – When you arrive at the shop
◯ Reception
◯ Choose your favorite scent
◯ Choose a bottle and cap
◯ Write the name of the label
◯ Create a scent


After making a reservation

The name of the label
An idea
Let's look for

A bottle filled with your favorite scent is finished with an original label.
You can put any text you like on the label.
Everyone is troubled by naming, so please consider carefully by the day of your visit.

・Number of characters: 8 characters or less (including spaces and symbols) *If it exceeds 8 characters, it will be smaller.
・Allowed: Alphabets (uppercase and lowercase), numbers, symbols (. , / – _ @ # & % $ ¥ ! : ; “)
・Character font: Typewriter/Cursive

*If you have trouble with the naming…
We recommend items that have their own origins, such as the date, place name, favorite song or movie, zodiac sign, birthstone, birthday flower, etc.
I hope you can find a name that you will fall in love with.

Bottle color,
The color of the cap
Let's see

On the day of your visit, you can choose your favorite combination from the samples in the store.

* Depending on the stock situation, we may not be able to prepare your desired combination on the day of your visit.
*The white bottle and black cap are not available at all times because they are limited to collaborations, stores, and for a limited time.
*Please note that we cannot prepare it even if you contact us.



When you arrive at the shop

Make a reception

Please come to the store reception on the date and time of your reservation.
After confirming your reservation, we will give you a card and a pen to use for production.

Please use this image as a reference.

Your favorite scent

Please choose 2 or 3 of your favorite scents from the testers lined up in the store.
*A minimum of 2 types and a maximum of 3 types can be mixed.
Please write the number of the scent you chose on the card.
Please circle your favorite fragrance.

Bottle and
The cap

Please select the combination of bottles and caps to be used from the samples in the store.
The staff will visit you, so please tell us the combination you chose.

Name the label

Please write the name of the label on the card.
*Please refer to the image above for the areas to be filled in.
*If you have trouble with your name, please refer to “Let’s find an idea for the name of the label” in “After making a reservation”.

Create a scent

We will fine-tune the 2 or 3 scents you choose to create a scent just for you.
Check the combined scent → fine adjustment → check, this process is repeated several times.

We will gradually adjust the scent to your liking, so please let the staff know your request.
Example) “I want to make one of the three scents a little stronger”, “I want to make the overall scent darker”, etc.
*It is not possible to remove only one type of mixed scent or change it to another scent.
* It is not possible to lighten a strong scent or restore a sweetened scent.

If you are unsure about how to adjust the fragrance, please consult the staff.


You can find frequently asked questions about production here.

Our fragrance production method is prepared so that all customers, including those who are making fragrances for the first time and those who have visited many times, can enjoy it.
As a guide for you to enjoy more, we have posted questions and requests actually received from customers.
Please read this as well.