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Flavor Shake®︎

Made to Order / Creating scents

“Flavor Shake®︎” provided by THE FLAVOR DESIGN®︎ is the first service in Japan.
At Flavor Shake®︎, we can create fabric mist tailored to each customer's preferences.

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The Flavor Shake® service, in which fabric mist with the scent of your choice is produced one by one in front of customers, was conceived in 2005. We opened our first store in Osaka in 2016, stocking many other products such as “Flavor Shake®︎” as well as hand-rolled incense and candles. Eight years have passed since our founding, and thanks to the support of many people, we now have nine stores across the country. We are very happy that we were able to create a “new fragrance culture” in Japan with “Flavor Shake®︎.” We would like to express our deepest gratitude to all of our customers who have been visiting us for a long time. All of our staff will continue to work hard every day to satisfy even more customers. If you are in the area, please feel free to stop by.

Item that can be made

Production of fabric mist exclusively for clothing and textile products
*We cannot create perfumes to be used on the scalp.


100ml size ¥4,950 (tax included)
*There are no size or price options.

Time required

30~40 minutes
*Production time may vary depending on the individual, so please use this as a reference.


Flavor Shake®︎ (Made to Order) requires reservations.
Advance reservations can be made from “Reservation” below.


About reservations

Flavor Shake®︎ (Made to Order) requires a reservation.

Advance reservation

Advance reservations can be made online.
Each store has a different reservation system.
Please proceed to the store selection below and make an advance reservation.

*If advance reservations are full, or if you are able to come to the store on the same day, please use the same-day reservations below.

Click here for advance reservations

Same-day reservation

○ Reservations will be accepted at the store from opening time on the day of arrival in the order of arrival.
○ You may be lined up before opening time on the day of the event.
○ We will inform you of the time when you can make a reservation at the reception desk.

*Reservations cannot be made by phone or email.
*If the store is full at the time of your visit, we may not be able to produce it.
*Please refrain from making inquiries as we are unable to inform you in advance of what times we will be available that day.


Production guide

We will show you how to make scents

We will recommend you to follow this guide when you visit our store, so please be sure to read it to the end.

1 – Once you have made your reservation
◯ Look for ideas for label names
◯ Let's take a look at the color of the bottle and cap.

2 – When you arrive at the store
◯ Reception
◯ Choose your favorite scent
◯ Choose a bottle and cap
◯ Write the label name
◯ Create a scent

Go to production guide

Repeat Order

Creating the same scent repeatedly

You can purchase the same scent as the one created at the store.

Purchase in store

No reservation required.
Please let the store staff know when you arrive.

*Please be sure to bring a card with the recipe on it or a photo of the card.
*During busy times, it may take some time.
*If a fragrance is out of stock at the store, you may have to wait until it is in stock.
*The scent may be out of print or may have undergone minor changes.

Please contact the store you use for information on fragrance inventory.

Purchase online
※Available only within Japan

This is a service that allows you to order the same fragrance that you have created in-store online.
You are free to choose anything other than the scent.

There are some differences between repeat orders in stores and online.
●Please use the label name within the specified range.
●Coloring cannot be done by mail order.
●Black caps and white bottles cannot be used.

After understanding the above, please place your order below.

Click here to purchase online


Please check the FAQ for frequently asked questions regarding production.

Click here for FAQ
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