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Flavor Shake®︎

“Flavor Shake®︎” provided by THE FLAVOR DESIGN®︎ is the first service in Japan.
At "Flavor Shake®︎", you can create a fabric mist that suits each customer's taste.


The concept of the “Flavor Shake®︎” service, which creates and provides fabric mists with the scent of your choice one by one in front of your eyes, started in 2005.
In addition to “Flavor Shake®︎”, we have many products such as hand-rolled incense and candles, and opened the first store in Osaka in 2016.
Five years after our founding, we have received support from many people, and now we have eight stores nationwide.
I am very happy that “Flavor Shake®︎” has created a “new fragrance culture” in Japan.
We would like to express our deepest gratitude to all the customers who have been visiting us for a long time.
All the staff will continue to push forward every day so that more customers can be satisfied.
If you are in the area, please feel free to drop by.

Flavor Shake®︎

Production of fabric mist exclusively for clothing and cloth products
*Perfume for use on the scalp cannot be produced.


100ml size ¥4,950 (tax included)
*There are no options for size and amount.

Required Time

30-40 minutes
*Please note that there are individual differences in production time.


Advance reservation is possible from the following “Reservation”
Please proceed from store selection

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