When I smelled the finished scent after I got home, it felt different than I had imagined. Could you please remake it?

Please note that we cannot remake or adjust the product once it is completed.
“Flavor Shake®︎”The creation of the fragrance is up to the customer. We make several prototypes using different scents, ask customers to find the balance they like, and then take home the final product.
Since we manufacture products according to the customer’s requests, we cannot accept requests for refusal of purchase, returns, exchanges, or additional adjustments after production is completed if you do not like the product after mixing it or it is different from the image you imagined.

If you are a customer who is planning to visit us, we understand that you may be worried or anxious about creating your first fragrance.
Please refer to the FAQ, “How do you choose a scent?”, the production process, and customer feedback on SNS.

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